Donation Drive

Mas matindi ang Saya when we party for a cause. Xtreme Paskuhan At Home invites all to share Saya in the PPXP Donation Drive for the benefit of the ABS-CBN Foundation and the victims of Typhoon Ulysses.

In its mission to inspire endless moments of fun, PlayPark brings a higher purpose to the yearly Biggest Gamers Christmas Party in Asia, PPXP, this 2020. By hosting the PPXP Donation Drive, PlayPark giving the gaming community and gamers from all-over an avenue to support those ravaged by the recent typhoon in their efforts to recover. All proceeds from the PPXP Donation Drive will be given to the ABS CBN Foundation.

As thanksgiving to the PlayPark gamers for your continued support this 2020, by participating in the PPXP Donation Drive, gamers will also receive Ingame Items from their favorite PlayPark game.

On the day of PPXP For A Cause, this December 20, 2020, the PPXP Event Raffle will be drawing the winners of furniture, appliances, Christmas packages and more from the participants of the PPXP Donation Drive.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent calamities, our community has been with us in the multitude of virtual adventures from the different PlayPark games. It’s time to celebrate. Join the biggest gamers Christmas party for a cause. Makisaya at magbigay tayo ng Saya.

How To Join the Donation Drive

  1. Make a donation to the PPXP 2020 Donation Drive GCash account. ALL donations to the account will be given to the ABS CBN Foundation.
    • GCash Account Number: 0961 007 2218
    • GCash Account Name: PLAYPARK INC. (Maria Ronelda Ricaborda)
    • All donations to the PPXP Donation Drive GCash account are welcome and will be given to the ABS-CBN Foundation. However, to participate in the Raffle and to receive ingame item Prizes, send your donations using GCASH ONLY for proper tracking.
  2. Each donation of at least Php 100 in a single transaction will give the participant an item reward from participating PlayPark game. Prizes available below.
    • A donation transaction may only be used by one game account to claim the item reward.
    • A game account may only receive one (1) item reward from their PlayPark game.
  3. Take a screenshot or record of your donation for reference.
  4. Register in the PPXP Donation Drive form to submit your game account information for the item reward.
    • Registration Form:
    • ​Remember to include a photo of your proof of transaction.
    • Review your registration for accuracy and completion as changes and incorrect information may not be entertained.
  5. Event Schedule:
    • PPXP Donation Drive is open from December 14, 2020 until December 31, 2020.
      • Ingame Items Prizes will be awarded to registered participants within 15 to 30 working days after the end of the Donation Drive.
    • PPXP Event Raffle is on December 20, 2020 for participants and donations received from December 14, 2020 to December 20, 2020

PPXP Donation Drive Prizes

  • All prizes are limited to one (1) per account.
  • Special Force 2 New!
    • CAMO Fireworks FX (Limitless)
    • Weapon Tag [GOLD] (Limitless)
    • Aegis Gear PMC (30D)
  • CABAL Online Updated!
    • [30D] [Force Wing] Black Wings of Fatal + Penetration
    • [30D] Defensive Earring +7 x2
    • Safeguard Highest 5 pcs
    • Safeguard High 5 pcs
    • Epic Booster 5pcs
    • Megaphone 20pcs
    • Holy Water of Fighter 10pcs
    • Holy Water of Sage 10pcs
    • Holy Water of Critical Strike 10pcs
    • Holy Water of Flawless Defense 10pcs
    • Gale Elixer Lv.4 5pcs
    • Protection of Veradrix 5pcs
    • Typhoon Elixer Lv. 4 5pcs
    • All items are character bound. Multiple accounts in 1 IP address is not allowed.
  • FLYFF New!
    • PPXP Door Prize Fashion Set (15 days) [Soul-linked]:
      – Suit (Increased HP+10%, STA+10)
      – Gloves (Increased Attack+10%, STR+10)
      – Boots (Critical Chance+10%, DEX+10)
      – Crown (Increased Critical Damage+15%, INT+10)
      – Cloak (Increase HP+15%, Increased Critical Damage+15%, All Stats+20, Lucky Box+1)
      – Mask (Increase HP+15%, Increase MP+15%, Melee Block+10%, Ranged Block+10%)
      Set Effect (4/4):
      All Stats +20
      Increased HP+15%
      Set Effect (5/5):
      Increased Attack+15%
      Set Effect (6/6):
      PvP Damage Increase+20%
      PPXP 2019 Door Prize Sled (15 days) (324 km/hr.)
      PPXP 2019 Door Prize Pet (15 days) (Buff Pet) – able to add Bead Slot using Bead Slot Key
  • MU Online
    • 30 Days MUUN
  • RF Online
    • 5pcs Summon Potion
    • 5pcs Teleport Potion
    • 10pcs Grace Talic
    • 10pcs Darkness Talic
    • All items are limited to one (1) per account
  • Perfect World PH
    • 1 GM Lamb
PPXP Event Raffle Prizes can be found HERE.

Sama-sama tayong mag-party at home ngayong December 20, 2020 sa nag-iisang Biggest Gamers Christmas Party now At Home!
#PPXP2020 #PPXPForACause

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