Wish Upon a GM

Wishes do come true.  From the many wishes received this PPXP season, the PlayPark family selected touching messages from across all eight games. Thank you for your heartfelt letters, Gamers!

As committed in Wish Upon A GM, wishes were granted and winners received Pamasko packages from PlayPark. These Pamasko were delivered to the homes of loved ones with all the love from the wisher.

Christmas baskets and favorite Groceries, new Monitor and office Chair, financial assistance and ingame items, the PlayPark team went all out to send your loved ones the extra happiness this season of giving. Here are the selected wishers of Wish Upon A GM.

  • Audition Next Level
    • Roxanne Manalo (IGN: Hideki) wished for her Grandmother, Felina Manalo of Bulacan
    • Joe Mari De Leo (IGN: Fy) wished for his Friend, Maria Sheena of Rizal
  • Cabal Online
    • Mark De Leon (IGN: ClydEurik) wished for his Wife, Maria Jennikka of Rizal
    • Ernesto Gabriel (IGN: HunterEminem) wished for his guildmate, Jan Hiroo of Manila
  • Club Audition M
    • Jessica Duyag (IGN: Jecka) wished for her Parents, Elisa and Jazer of Caloocan City
    • RJ Santos (IGN: Magnum) wished for his Partner, Ronnel of Las Pinas
  • FlyFF
    • Julius Mendoza (IGN: Phantom) wished for his Guild, United of Lord Pang Server
    • Darina De Mesa (IGN: Jannaleyen) wished for her Husband, Mark Jay of Bulacan
    • Alyssa Parilla (IGN: Bread) wished for her Boyfriend, Jherald of Rizal
    • Bryan Breis (IGN: Liebe) wished for his Wife, Regine of Pampanga
    • Samantha Marfil (IGN: JaiBanger) wished for her Sister, Kimberly of Bacolod City
  • MU Online
    • Marck Obispo (IGN: Gnar) wished for his Wife, Shekinnah of Malabon
    • Lei Yox (IGN: Un64S) wished for his Wife, Irialyn of Cebu
  • Perfect World
    • Vina Navarez (IGN: Fina~) wished for his Friend, Niel of Molino
    • Constancio Cabalquinto (IGN: Kol) wished for his Niece, Beatrice of Iloilo
    • Kenneth Mendoza (IGN: Kanut) wished for Maria Venus of Leyte
    • Brix (IGN: 0oAhrio0) wished for his Clan mate, Pills of Quezon City
    • Edmon Tenorio (IGN: insomniac) wished for his Mentor, ChryseS of Malabon City
    • Noel Natividad (IGN: bytz) wished for his Clan Master, Jennelyn of Manila
    • El Kapitan (IGN: Shast) wished for his Wife, Amal of Quezon City
    • Rolando Layos (IGN: Lanzkillz) wished for Shirley of Mandaue City
    • Ian Canto (IGN: Rammzesss) wished for his Friend, PW061401
    • Edzkestler Doreza (IGN: CiviC) wished for his Friend, John of Quezon Province
  • RF Online
    • Adrian Delfin (IGN: Pietro) wished for his Wife, Jamie of Taguig
    • Frank Lumatao (IGN: Magoo) wished for his Birthday Celebration
    • Kayetano Pangan (IGN: chaknu) wished for Juztilicous of Mandaluyong
    • Ronny Regi (IGN: TheKnurD) wished for TheYuria of Brazil
    • Gabrial Tumangday (IGN: GameGab) wished for Farhan of Abu Dhabi
  • Special Force 2
    • James Dela Cruz (IGN: Brag) wished for his Friend, Duanne of Caloocan City
    • Rafe Fuentes (IGN: ♨️♨️DARK_PHANTOM♨️♨️) wished for Fiel of Davao City

PlayPark hopes you keep spreading the saya!

PlayPark Xtreme Paskuhan At Home PPXP 2020 Wish Upon A GM

Wishes do come true. Anong wish mo? PlayPark wants to send Pamasko straight to your homes with Wish Upon A GM. Spread the love, gamers. For the Xtreme Paskuhan party at home, spread the love by nominating a friend, loved one or guild you think deserves to get extra love from PlayPark this season.

How To Join

  1. Fill up the Wish Upon A GM registration form.
  2. Let us know your wish for your nominee and why they deserve to get this wish granted.
  3. Winners will be selected to have their wish granted or receive a Pamasko package from PlayPark.
  • Deadline of Wish registration: December 15, 2020

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