PPXP Year-End Awards

End the year right and put your best foot forward for the first ever PlayPark Year-End Awards. Leveling up our player recognition efforts, PPXP 2021 will pit players versus players, guilds versus guilds, and best of all, GMs versus GMs. Get ready to nominate awards you want to give and the candidates most deserving of recognition.

Year-End Awards 2021 Overview
  • Its time for the community to take a vote by sending in their nominations for the awards to be given away, the nominees best to receive the rewards, and finally, the award winners.
  • Awards are categorized (1) for Players including community talents and streamers, and moderators, and (2) for the PlayPark team GMs.
  • The call for nominations and voting will be posted on the official PlayPark pages and website. A shortlist of nominees will also be posted for public voting.
  • The winners will be announced during the live event of PlayPark Xtreme Paskuhan 2021 on 18th December 2021.
  • Winners, nominees and even lucky players who vote will receive rewards from the event.

2021 Awards Nomination
Player Awards
    1. Best PlayPark Streamer
      • Nominate a streamer of any PlayPark game for this award who you found entertaining, informative and all-around great to watch.
    2. Favorite New PlayPark Streamer
      • More and more new talents are blooming from within the PlayPark community. Nominate a new talent that start their creator journey just this year of 2021.
    3. Leader of the Year
      • Give props to your Guild, Clan or FAM leader by nominating them to receive the recognition of becoming the first PlayPark Leader of the Year.
    4. Most Active Player
      • Who deserves to be recognized as the most active PlayPark player? Always present and always participating, if this is you or someone you know, nominate them now.
    5. Crush ng Bayan
      • Beauty, brains and battle strategy – it’s time to call on your Crush to take the stage. Nominate someone deserving of this reward.
    6. Guild of the Year
      • Rally behind the banner of your Guild, Clan and FAM. Earn the title of Guild of the Year. Send a nomination today.
    7. Moderator of the Year
      • Being the first shoulder to lean on in the community especially the groups, which game moderator deserves this title? Nominate them today.
GM Awards
  1. Favorite Male PlayPark GM
  2. Favorite Female PlayPark GM
  3. Puyaters of the Year
  4. Most Resilient GM
  5. Most Active GM
The Rewards
  • Winners and runner up will receive digital vouchers worth cash prizes.
    • Each award winner will receive Php3,000 worth of digital shopping vouchers.
    • Runners up will each receive Php500 of digital shopping vouchers.
  • Lucky players who nominate and vote will also receive Php200 digital vouchers.

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