Wish Upon a GM Barangay Edition

PlayPark Xtreme Paskuhan 2021 is spreading the joy by giving YOU the power to make wishes come true in Wish Upon A GM: Barangay Edition. Be the champion of your guild, your clan, or your barangay! Then, let PlayPark take care of the rest. Prepare your wishes.

In Wish Upon A GM: Barangay Edition, PlayPark will grant rewards and wishes of lucky players for their community. Receive a package of groceries, a load of essential goods, a party for your guild of whatever your wish may be. PlayPark is waiting to hear about your story. Read on to join the event.

Want to Join Wish Upon A GM?
  • Send us your wish and story RIGHT HERE.
  • Let us know your wish for your nominee and why your community deserves to get this wish granted.
  • Winners will be selected to have their wish granted or receive a Pamasko package from PlayPark.
  • PlayPark will aims to grant as many wishes as possible, so just send in your

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